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A new change.

A lovely lady, who lives far away offered to update my blog for me. She has worked very hard, but, it looks lovely, and is really “me”.

My new blog address is, https://fortiesatheart.wordpress.com/ I hope the link works, looking forward to seeing you there.




It’s not spring yet!

Oh Gosh, where is Spring, it’s still so cold here, i’m fed up off going out and feeling so cold in the wind that never drops! I want to feel the warmth of the sun, and see the lambs running around in the fields enjoying the sun. After 6 months of full on winter it’s that time of the year when everyone on the islands is getting desperate to feel warmth, and not from the heating system! Rant over!!! Weather aside, I am still loving my vintage life and love going to the thrift shop to get the latest bargains. I have got myself a DVD series called We’ll meet again, Susannah York is the star of the show, my mum said she can remember it being on tv a very long time ago, it’s very good for getting ideas on wartime dress and home decoration. I bought it from Amazon for £10.


This year is a big year for the family. I will be 50 in the summer, my middle child, will be 16yrs, and my youngest is going to big school! For my 50th birthday, I am dragging, yes, dragging my family to a Land Girls cottage in Somerset for a weeks holiday. The corrugated cottage has been lovingly restored to wartime to the smallest detail, and has an Anderson Shelter in the garden which you can sit in and make tea! I can’t tell you how excited I am, and it has been booked since last year, so it seems as if I have been thinking and planning this holiday for ever. I have found a vintage tea room in Bath to visit, and I am looking forward to seeing Bath itself with all it’s beautiful architecture. There is a beautiful Steam Railway in Somerset which we visited many many years ago, which I plan to go to again, and if anyone lives in that area and can offer me advise on where to visit, please do.

Well, that’s my news to catch up with. I have been given inspiration to keep my blog going by a lovely lady in Japan who is SO good at blogging and her pictures are beautiful. She is going to help me update my blog as I am not so good on the computer. I will try and put a link to her page.

https://connienaka.wordpress.com/ It is called Mrs. N’s Ordinary life, but, believe me its not so ordinary, it’s lovely and inspiring.



The Best Find EVER!

After volunteering at the Mother and Toddler group yesterday, I nipped in to the thrift shop, and I couldn’t believe what I found. In fact I didn’t know that it was a genuine until I got home, and looked at it properly. Intrigued?



A beautiful Harris Tweed Handbag.

I can’t believe my luck, when I looked on ebay, these bags are selling for £30-£50!!

I must admit, I pondered for  a little while as to whether I should sell it, as it is in lovely condition, but, I like it so much, which is why I picked it up, and I doubt whether I would ever have a new one, so I decided to keep it, and enjoy it.




A Wild Stormy night.

A part of me enjoys the dark windy nights, lighting candles, making the house cozy etc, but, when the tiles are lifting, the kitchen is vibrating and the forecast is 100mph, it gets a bit worrying. Schools are closed again today, so the kids have had 4 days together, like a little break from school. They Police have just closed the causeways which link all our islands together, so it’s not possible to travel even if we wanted to, but, at the moment it would be very difficult to walk to the car.

So, a rice pudding was just what I fancied, some comfort food. I cooked early today, as we are likely to loose our electric supply, so I made some pizza whirls too, mainly for Sophie’s lunchbox.



Perfect for a stormy night!


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Wartime pudding.

The Weather here is awful. Schools are closed as it’s unsafe for the buses to drive over the causeways. So far we have had a gust of 90mph, but we have a forecast of more to come tonight, tomorrow, and then again on Monday. We are used to this, it’s expected at this time of the year, even in August we have severe gales too. We have all enjoyed a lie in, and then I’ve been baking, thank goodness the power is on, although it was off for a while in the night.

I found a recipe in Jennifer Davies book, The Wartime Kitchen and Garden, Chocolate wartime pudding, made with grated carrot and steamed for 2 hours. I also made flapjack, a family favourite.





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My first Lindy Bop Dress.

I’m sure most in the vintage blogging community have heard of the Lindy Bop website. Their clothes are lovely and very affordable.

In their recent sale I got a beautiful 40’s tea dress. It fits really well and the material feels nice too. The only slightly negative thing is that I have been cutting stray threads off it on the hems all over, I hope the hem doesn’t come apart. It is nearly sleeveless, so I have put a long sleeved thermal underneath with a cardigan to match, as it’s freezing cold, wet and windy outside, so too cold for a sleeveless dress.

I am overall pretty pleased with it, and it feels very 40’s.





Afternoon Tea.

I have had a lovely day, preparing an Afternoon Tea, for the two lovely ladies that I volunteer with to run the Mother and Toddler group with. I went to town and put out a beautiful embroidered tablecloth, all my porcelain cups and saucers, napkins etc. I made scones, a banana cake and Brandy snaps filled with cream. On the table I left each friend, a wrapped present with lace decoration.

The children all came home at different times and met the ladies, and Andrew played his guitar for them. It went really well, although my back suffered later, it was well worth it.


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A warm start.

It’s gone very cold here. It is beautiful. Some years we don’t get much frost, ice or snow, we just have storms, wind and rain, but this year we are having a cold spell. The Frozen lochs look beautiful, and the hills and mountains look lovely dusted with snow.

So, I make sure the children get a good start with a bowl of porridge before school.






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Monthly visit to the charity shop.

I really enjoyed my visit to the shop today. After a lovely morning volunteering at the Mother and Toddler group, I went along to the thrift shop with a few things, and came home with a huge bin bag full!!

I was lucky to find some blankets in good condition, at only £2 each, a lovely jumper, an M&S twin set, a vase, a beautiful lacquer tray, lavender perfume and little presents for the kids.



Really chuffed with my finds.


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Home Sweet Home.

So, everyone is getting over the latest bugs, and I still haven’t had anything, yes!

One thing I love doing is to have the house feeling cosy and quiet in the morning when we all get ready for the day ahead. I’m usually second up, after hubby brings me my first cup of tea of the day (first of far too many), then I go and wake the kids with a cup of tea. After that I lay the table with a pretty tablecloth and pretty plates etc etc. I put on a little light, so it’s not too bright first thing in the morning, and I’ll have the TV on the news in the kitchen on low, so I can keep an eye on the news, but it doesn’t dominate the atmosphere.

Then, we all sit down for breakfast together and chat about school etc. Hubby misses this bit, as he is out very early. But, on his days off he joins us.

When I was a little girl, I would go down for breakfast on my own, grab a bowl of cereal and shout goodbye on my way out, so I wanted to do things differently for my family.

It’s the same for when they come home, as long as my bad back lets me, I like to make the house feel welcoming, and they have a cup of tea and a scone or a piece of cake or biscuit, before they go and do their own thing, and I start the tea.




My cosy vintage lounge at breakfast.


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