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Catching up with a new computer.

DSCN0979 DSCN1019 10860957_904556676222848_354924093892914136_o 10856610_904587149553134_4330712552791176412_o 10856610_904587149553134_4330712552791176412_o 10861045_904587489553100_2681556138043738162_o 10887432_904585576219958_4132920574091245522_oI really can’t get me head around this blogging, I find it very hard to write where I want and place pictures where I want, therefore you get this!! Pictures above (if they are above) are a little catch up since October when my last computer died. I was given a new one for Christmas, so can finally catch up with my blogging posts.

Most of the pics are Christmas Day. It was a beautiful day, so,as they are so rare we went out for a walk and had a late Christmas Dinner. I wore my Wartime Farm coat and carried my Gas mask box which Peter had made me a few years ago, but, inside was a real Gas Mask, my present from him.

The table pic is my version of a vintage Christmas table setting, and there is me cooking Christmas Dinner with my trusty 40’s apron. I do have some pictures of the Gas Mask somewhere, I will find them.

Love From Julie x


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