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New Year, new start!

So, to start the New year, I have decided to try and blog regularly. This year we will, due to circumstances, be going frugal, even more than we already do, so instead of worrying about it and it being a chore, I decided to relate a lot more to my wartime cookbooks and use more of what we do have in the cupboards instead of going out and buying another meal for ease. Living where we do, in the Outer Hebrides, we can’t have a really cheap shop like you can in the big stores. so food is generally more expensive.

Another thing I would love to do, is to learn to Crochet. I love all the beautiful things you can make, especially quilts etc, and I long to be able to make something.

I will also be posting outfits and finds from the thrift shop, thank goodness we have one, or I would go crazy!!

The Picture is Lucy, she jumped up on my wardrobe to find a safe place to hide from “Dougie”, the Springer Spaniel we are looking after for a friend over Christmas, so I put a blanket in my vintage suitcase.




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