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Home Sweet Home.

So, everyone is getting over the latest bugs, and I still haven’t had anything, yes!

One thing I love doing is to have the house feeling cosy and quiet in the morning when we all get ready for the day ahead. I’m usually second up, after hubby brings me my first cup of tea of the day (first of far too many), then I go and wake the kids with a cup of tea. After that I lay the table with a pretty tablecloth and pretty plates etc etc. I put on a little light, so it’s not too bright first thing in the morning, and I’ll have the TV on the news in the kitchen on low, so I can keep an eye on the news, but it doesn’t dominate the atmosphere.

Then, we all sit down for breakfast together and chat about school etc. Hubby misses this bit, as he is out very early. But, on his days off he joins us.

When I was a little girl, I would go down for breakfast on my own, grab a bowl of cereal and shout goodbye on my way out, so I wanted to do things differently for my family.

It’s the same for when they come home, as long as my bad back lets me, I like to make the house feel welcoming, and they have a cup of tea and a scone or a piece of cake or biscuit, before they go and do their own thing, and I start the tea.




My cosy vintage lounge at breakfast.



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