A Wild Stormy night.

A part of me enjoys the dark windy nights, lighting candles, making the house cozy etc, but, when the tiles are lifting, the kitchen is vibrating and the forecast is 100mph, it gets a bit worrying. Schools are closed again today, so the kids have had 4 days together, like a little break from school. They Police have just closed the causeways which link all our islands together, so it’s not possible to travel even if we wanted to, but, at the moment it would be very difficult to walk to the car.

So, a rice pudding was just what I fancied, some comfort food. I cooked early today, as we are likely to loose our electric supply, so I made some pizza whirls too, mainly for Sophie’s lunchbox.



Perfect for a stormy night!



2 comments on “A Wild Stormy night.

  1. Just found your lovely blog through ‘remembering the old ways’ blog. You have now a new follower.


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