It’s not spring yet!

Oh Gosh, where is Spring, it’s still so cold here, i’m fed up off going out and feeling so cold in the wind that never drops! I want to feel the warmth of the sun, and see the lambs running around in the fields enjoying the sun. After 6 months of full on winter it’s that time of the year when everyone on the islands is getting desperate to feel warmth, and not from the heating system! Rant over!!! Weather aside, I am still loving my vintage life and love going to the thrift shop to get the latest bargains. I have got myself a DVD series called We’ll meet again, Susannah York is the star of the show, my mum said she can remember it being on tv a very long time ago, it’s very good for getting ideas on wartime dress and home decoration. I bought it from Amazon for £10.


This year is a big year for the family. I will be 50 in the summer, my middle child, will be 16yrs, and my youngest is going to big school! For my 50th birthday, I am dragging, yes, dragging my family to a Land Girls cottage in Somerset for a weeks holiday. The corrugated cottage has been lovingly restored to wartime to the smallest detail, and has an Anderson Shelter in the garden which you can sit in and make tea! I can’t tell you how excited I am, and it has been booked since last year, so it seems as if I have been thinking and planning this holiday for ever. I have found a vintage tea room in Bath to visit, and I am looking forward to seeing Bath itself with all it’s beautiful architecture. There is a beautiful Steam Railway in Somerset which we visited many many years ago, which I plan to go to again, and if anyone lives in that area and can offer me advise on where to visit, please do.

Well, that’s my news to catch up with. I have been given inspiration to keep my blog going by a lovely lady in Japan who is SO good at blogging and her pictures are beautiful. She is going to help me update my blog as I am not so good on the computer. I will try and put a link to her page.

https://connienaka.wordpress.com/ It is called Mrs. N’s Ordinary life, but, believe me its not so ordinary, it’s lovely and inspiring.



2 comments on “It’s not spring yet!

  1. Wow! What a birthday to look forward to!! How lovely is that! I was trying to picture it all while reading and I can’t wait for photos! Today was a nice warm day. It has been cold here too and I am also tired of it because we don’t have heat in our homes! The weather looks promising for the next few days…thankfully!


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