A new change.

A lovely lady, who lives far away offered to update my blog for me. She has worked very hard, but, it looks lovely, and is really “me”. My new blog address is, I hope the link works, looking forward to seeing you there. TTFNx   Advertisements

It’s not spring yet!

Oh Gosh, where is Spring, it’s still so cold here, i’m fed up off going out and feeling so cold in the wind that never drops! I want to feel the warmth of the sun, and see the lambs running around in the fields enjoying the sun. After 6 months of full on winter it’s […]

The Best Find EVER!

After volunteering at the Mother and Toddler group yesterday, I nipped in to the thrift shop, and I couldn’t believe what I found. In fact I didn’t know that it was a genuine until I got home, and looked at it properly. Intrigued? I can’t believe my luck, when I looked on ebay, these bags […]

A Wild Stormy night.

A part of me enjoys the dark windy nights, lighting candles, making the house cozy etc, but, when the tiles are lifting, the kitchen is vibrating and the forecast is 100mph, it gets a bit worrying. Schools are closed again today, so the kids have had 4 days together, like a little break from school. […]

Wartime pudding.

The Weather here is awful. Schools are closed as it’s unsafe for the buses to drive over the causeways. So far we have had a gust of 90mph, but we have a forecast of more to come tonight, tomorrow, and then again on Monday. We are used to this, it’s expected at this time of […]

My first Lindy Bop Dress.

I’m sure most in the vintage blogging community have heard of the Lindy Bop website. Their clothes are lovely and very affordable. In their recent sale I got a beautiful 40’s tea dress. It fits really well and the material feels nice too. The only slightly negative thing is that I have been cutting stray […]

Afternoon Tea.

I have had a lovely day, preparing an Afternoon Tea, for the two lovely ladies that I volunteer with to run the Mother and Toddler group with. I went to town and put out a beautiful embroidered tablecloth, all my porcelain cups and saucers, napkins etc. I made scones, a banana cake and Brandy snaps […]